Apmokama darbo praktika Graikijos salose

2023 03 20

4-5 Star hotels in Crete, Corfu, Samos


  • waiter/es
  • front desk
  • animator
  • housekeeper

Dates: from April/May/June/July until the end of August/September/middle October
Requirements: 18-35 y.o., good English
Salary: 600-650 Eur/month
Working hours: 40-48/week
Contract: 2-5 months
Benefits: free meal and accommodation, free uniform and transfer from the airport.
Some hotels offer compensation for flight tickets at the end of the contract.

Daugiau informacijos: el. p. programs@ziptravel.lt 


Apmokama darbo praktika Graikijos salose

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